Matches will be played between the following times:

  • Friday 28th June:  13:30 until 20:30
  • Saturday 29th June:  09:30 until 19:45
  • Sunday 30th June:  10:00 until 15:15

The full schedule (including Umpiring responsibilities) can be downloaded here.


There will be 14 teams at the festival (7 Women +7 Men) and the format will be a Round-Robin, whereby each team plays each other team (in their respective gender). Therefore, each team will play six matches over the weekend. The matches will be a single period of 25 minutes (no half-time). We have tried to make sure that each team plays two games on each of the three days. However, as the days are not of equal length, it’s impossible to make sure it works out this way.

Also included in the match schedule are  the umpiring responsibilities so, even if you don't have to play the early matches on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you may need to supply an umpire!

From all of us here in Castelldefels (Eric, Bart, Sergio and myself), we are really looking forward to welcoming you to our club.